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Australia takes 20 wickets.

by Gaurav Sethi

Top that, Siddle, Hilfenhaus, McDonald and North took 12 of the 20.

No Lee, no Hauritz, no Krejza, no fulltime spinner, no superstar quick, just a bunch of workmanlike bowlers.

Along with the 19 test spearhead, Mitchell Johnson, they clocked 200 overs, did the job, won the match.

Pays when you get the selection right, and don’t have a T20 specialist masquerading as a test cricketer. Move over Cameron White.

Pays when you don’t have a spent force trying to force the pace on top of the order. Move over Mathew Hayden.

Pays when the smiley pop star can take a break, and give the team one too. Move over Brett Lee.

Pays when a muddled mind can unknot himself from the cricket. Move over Andrew Symonds.

Pays when you can take 20 wickets. Move over South Africa.


Anonymous said...

australia 2 SA 0

Gaurav Sethi said...

There's talk of losing time to the weather n light in Durban, a possible draw.

be a shame for cricket if it's 2-0

1-1 suits me fine.

Unknown said...

Ya I'd go for a 1-1 as well. Apt for one of the greatest rivalries in sport today.