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Two T20s

by Gaurav Sethi

One official, the other played in the second innings of an ODI between Gayle and England.

The first innings, when England batted does not qualify as any form of cricket.

Like English cricket, the innings was deformed.

Begs the question, if Zimbabwe can be disqualified from tests, why can't England be taken out of their pain.

Take a deep breath, and answer this honestly:

Can you, will you, do you want to watch England in their present mentally mauled, and physically flawed state play ODIs or T20s?

For heaven's sake, do they want to play themselves?

How many factions are they within this English XI?

Will it not be easier to put the whole lotta them on dole, and for the ECB to channel their futile efforts into some fledgling cricket nation

Just a thought, who knows, maybe Moldovia has a hope in hell.


Amy said...

The funny thing is, this proposal is entirely reasonable.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi Amy,
i wouldn't have made it otherwise.