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What do Sara McGlashan and Peter McGlashan have in common?

by Gaurav Sethi

Looks like Sara, but is Peter

Looks like Peter, but is Sara

Would you believe it, they got the same parents. That’s right mate, Sara is the Kiwi keeper, Peter McGlashan’s sister. Bet they’re both gushing as they read this.

While Peter scored 56 in a losing cause vs. India yesterday, Sara outdid her bro, scoring two fat ladies (88) in a winning cause vs. SAF in the women's world cup.

Just shows, no matter what the gender, these South Africans are losers.

Btw Sara also keeps. If you do come by any childhood pictures of Sara pulling Peter’s pigtails while beating the shit out of him in a backyard game, send it to me.

‘coz you’re bored like I’m bored, got nothing happening but for the cricket.

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