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Why you must wake up at 3.30 AM

by Gaurav Sethi

To have Charu Sharma wish you a very Good Morning! Dr Vijay Mallaya will be up to follow Dravid and Ryder’s progress and pigs will fly.

To have a look at Javagal Srinath’s boots

To hear Sanjay Manjrekar make politically incorrect statements about Sachin Tendulkar

To watch Sachin Tendulkar turn them into milestones

To watch a rain delay

To have Charu Sharma give you updates on the rain delay

To hear Charu and Sanjay enlighten you on the 3rd seamer options

To see their coffee mugs

To see their mugs

To be mugged of your sleep

To watch the first ball of the test match at Hamilton.


Homer said...

To watch the Smile in action after 5 years!!

Go Bala-G!!

sraghuna said...

better still to not go to bed at all & to turn the experience into an all night bender ... viva la uisghe!