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You’ve come a long way baby

by Gaurav Sethi

There was a time when the fast bowler talk hovered around -

When will we have one

When will Kapil Dev break Richard Hadlee’s record

Will Kapil Dev break Richard Hadlee's record

When will Kapil Dev retire

Will Kapil Dev retire

When will Javagal Srinath play a home test

Will Javagal Srinath play a home test

Kapil Dev has retired

Javagal Srinath has played a home test

When will India have a world class pace attack

Who will be the second quick

The Ides of March pose a new question –

Who will be India’s third seamer?

Over to John's O-bala, no-bala, Sam's Munaf, Achettup's Defence of Munaf and SP's Enough of Munaf

Bored Joke: when Munaf doesn't play, who does - Munafa.


Soulberry said...

Kulkarni is the new boy in the fast lane.

Anonymous said...


Gaurav Sethi said...

sb, my prerequisite for the bowlers is fitness first then form. Don't want an unfit Ishant bowling half trackers at 135 kmph.

cheers Sam.

sraghuna said...

Form & fitness apart the main ingredient that maketh an effective strike bowler would be cojones of steel ... makes for a comely 3rd seam too!!!