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Why You Playing Bhajji?

by Q

India play 2 spinners at home because the conditions demand that.

They play 1 spinner on tours because the conditions demant that.

All well and good.

But shouldn't the 1 spinner be Amit Mishra?

Surely I would go for a leggie rather than an offie in a test match.

Any day!

Then why is Bhajji playing again?


Gaurav Sethi said...

indian crickets' pecking order 1. SRT 2. MSD 3. HS

Ok, zaks could after MSD or on par with HS, but he's the mascot. And SRT's boy, and MSD's boy, and boy, does he live it up.

Apart from being part of the core group, Bhajji's on many campaigns, reality shows, (inc his life), travels well - clearly, as both SP and I have mentioned before, Amit Mishra is a non-entity. And not exactly MSD's boy.

Another thing, didn't you notice, Bhajji plays as a batsman allrounder now.

Q said...

As long as Kumble was there, even when not captain, on foreign tours it was Bhajji who sat out.. it should be the same now..

For ODIs I agree.. bhajji's the way to go.. but this is tests.. maybe the seamers would do the job in NZ and a spinner wont be required but at times when a partnership gets going, like Ryder-Vettori, a leggie wud have been ideal..