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Hamilton Test Day 1 - A better late than never report

by Bored Member

I must begin with my apologies for posting so late for I'm the bored member who said I'd be up at 3:30am to watch the proceedings of a long anticipated Test clash. But dang it, my arm, I couldn't even move it two days ago, I didn't even make it to work today. Moving to the match.

If you ask me, there isn't much that's new about India letting go of an opportunity to dominate. That said, NZ did well to recover. Vettori played a captain's innings and Ryder gave good support. Good to see that Ryder got the century he deserved - wish it wasn't against us, though!

Tomorrow, Gambhir will be key. I think this will be tour in which Gambhir can go from "seems good" to "really good". This will be a true test for him.

Looking forward to tomorrow.


Gaurav Sethi said...

at least GG left most of them outside off balls alone. I really feel for the kid, he didn't deserve to be demoted, not for sachin, not for anybody. this might just come back and bite india.

he's one helluva overtly sensitive kid, and even a cold fish like GC was aware of this and wanted to give him more chances, more lovin

gotta handle him with kid gloves, n sehwag is his sugar daddy

Anonymous said...

True, NC, very true. The best way to show them his worth is with runs.

Anonymous said...

Well everybody's whipping boy bowled well today 3 wickets and 18 overs without breaking down. Balaji dude did scared the hell out of him i think

Soulberry said...

Sehawag and Gambhir should look to play out the first hour. If they do that, stayin awake/waking up early might be worth the while.

I hope, VM, your arm's better.

Anonymous said...

@Indophile, I guess sometimes a bit of competition helps.

@SB, Sehwag lost the plot. And my arm is improving, if not fully functional yet. Thanks for asking :).