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3rd Bored Meeting

by Gaurav Sethi

3rd April 2009, Delhi: Bored members, Nikhil, John, Som, SP, NC arrived at the bar only to discover that Ten Sports had long departed.

It was apparently illegal and punishable by law to broadcast Ten Sports at the premises. ESPN however, had a field day.

The manager armed with his remote had disarmed Ten Sports long ago, still he 1) pointed remote at TV 2) Pressed digit code for Ten Sports 3) TV revealed Ten Sports was locked, inaccessible 4) Screen was blank, and so was I. 5) He looked smugly satisfied.

Bored Meeting went off perfectly well without Ponting and KP. Who needs one dayers? Especially when England's winning.


Q said...

Sorry couldnt dial in.. was getting soaked at a bbq!

The minutes?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, minutes in the mail soon.