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The fifth bowler

by Gaurav Sethi

After 60 overs Munaf Patel is paged to bowl his 6th over. Yuvraj bowled only two, for ten, had he been more effective, who knows? You know, it’s not as if Munaf, far away at some cold outpost, patrolling the boundaries is itching to bowl. How about some subtle hints – like a warm up drill, it is cold in Wellington, isn’t it?

That said, after being knocked for four, he bowls a yorker to that O’ Brien blogger. Now, taken for three, expect another yorker. Oh yes it is.

Patel to Martin, no run, Almost. Both Munaf and Martin tried their best.
It was the yorker but slipping just down leg,

Patel to O'Brien, 3 runs, on the off stump line, punched away through cover point.

and previously

Patel to O'Brien, no run, the yorker arrives, dug out back to the
Patel to O'Brien, FOUR, The follow on has been saved. It was
full and outside off stump, O'Brien slashes it past gully.

And another four of Munaf, what next, another yorker?

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