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B the moment of the match, that wasn't

by RajaB

Chennai Superkings - Kolkota Knight Riders

Would just have been yet another match rained out without any moments had I not seen this spectacle, thanks to cricinfo.

Yes the KKR full team list, that was posted on cricinfo (it normally is, before the final eleven players are announced)

BB McCullum, Abhisek Banerjee, Natraj Behera, Anureet Singh, M Hussain, AJ Shrikhande, ME Sanuth, AB Agarkar, RB Banerjee, SB Bangar, MA Cameron, G Chabra, A Chopra, IH Choudhary, AS Chowdhury, DB Das, AB Dinda, AP Dole, SA Gaekwad, SC Ganguly, CH Gayle, AN Ghosh, Y Gnaneswara Rao, MC Henriques, BJ Hodge, DJ Hussey, VA Indulkar, Iqbal Abdulla, SP Jackson, M Kartik, SS Lahiri, CK Langeveldt, AP Majumdar, Mashrafe Mortaza, AD Mathews, BAW Mendis, MB Parmar, CA Pujara, S Rana, WP Saha, DP Salvi, S Sanyal, SS Sarkar, SS Shaikh, I Sharma, LR Shukla, Sunny Singh, CR Suryavanshi, BD Thaker, RP Verma, KM Waingankar, Yashpal Singh

Yes, it is a 52 member strong team (correct me if I am wrong !!)

The immediate question that came up my mind when I saw the list...

OK... How many captains ?

Any guesses ??!!

Team list thanks to


Q said...

Now here's the thing.. when I was searching for the 18 KKR squad members initially to figure out who FAKE was I saw this list of 52 on cricinfo.. I know that franchises had picked up a lot of players but each had only 18 in South Africa with the rest back home in India.. so who are KKR's 18? I did not find that anywhere.. and I guess Cricinfo doesn't even know.

RajaB said...

Q, from what I understood from the cricinfo commentator yesterday, all 52 are there training in SA... I thought it is only logical that they gave the list of people available for selection before the match, and in this case it was 52...

Now does that make it easy for you to select your fake??

I think this is one of the reasons why the fake hype is still on...

Q said...

I just read on Cricinfo that the squad in SA has been trimmed to 20.. Akash Chopra and Sanjay Bangar are among those going back!