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B the moment of the match

by RajaB

So, where could an average young boy of 18 reach up to ?

To the last inch of a Tamil Nadu state transport bus' footboard trying to wink at the cute girl sitting on the fourth row window from the front side of the bus.

If that were the question posed to me, then this is what I would have replied (the most heroic thing I have ever done in my life as an 18 year old college kid).

I would never have imagined earning a couple of lakhs as my first pay cheque or playing along with a legend called Shane Keith Warne, leave alone me winning his confidence so much that I bowl the Super Over.

Let's allow this young man, Kamran Khan's all around the ground* feat B the moment of the match.

* For the overs he bowled, the wickets and the catch he took


Q said...

There was a reason Warne was talking him up all this time!

Anonymous said...

Ganguly's getting out after bringing his team to brink of victory was the misbah ul haq moment of the ipl.