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Is it all over for the Fake IPL Player?

by bored cricket crazy indians

From Prem Panicker on tweeter

Flash: the fakeipl blogger's name will be outed by tomorrow morning, tops. Officials know. Criminal case in offing

The bigger bombshell could be when the blogger's source in kkr is outed. Word is, huge scandal brewing

No further details available just now, sorry. Oh, one other thing: the blogger is a player, but not from kkr

Disclosure: I was told this by a journo I trust. Confmd by an official type. Will name and thank them when I am able to

No posts on the Fake IPL Player's blog today, will there be any tomorrow?


Q said...

Is the party over really?

Poor guy.

Criminal case? How can they do that?

Prabu said...

Can't be a criminal case. I don't think they guy ever mentioned the team name or anyone's name in as many words. He's given clues and left it for everyone's conjecture anyway...