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Is it the Sound Systems Guy?

by RajaB

Much has been said about the identity of the Fake IPL player. The Sound Systems Guy is it?? . It could him or somebody else also, one can never be sure.

A while ago I paid my customary morning visit to Fake IPL Player, yes this was after reading the lots said about his identity in the blog world, the fact that he has given up etc. People are writing non stop about this man’s identity.

I couldn’t see the post on Fake IPL Player where he says he is caught and apologizing as some bloggers had mentioned. His last post as I see is still the one where he apologizes for making his brother proxy, Experiment flopped. So you could only derive 2 things out of this silence.

The man has in deed been caught and been bundled out in the next flight

He is lying low, waiting for this hours of Sherlock Holmes, err the blogger band to subside and then probably do one helluva comeback post

Now coming back to the contemplation issue, let me also join the bandwagon. At least till someone is finally sent back and branded the poison pen we could keep pitching in with our two bit.

Let me argue why the Sound Systems Guy can’t be the blogger.

He is over 30 now, so he either continues playing where ever he plays for the next 4-5 years and earns how much ever he could or asks his agent to draw a rebel league contract. But would they take him given this credentials he would carry along
Only last year he was bundled off his team for speaking like an angry young man, so this is really his year of redemption. It is not only about redeeming his playing career but also his bank balance.
Right now he is a rank outsider when it came to writing about this team. Therefore he needs some insider support if he wanted to do so. If that person who leaked info is indeed the Lordie as the bloggers contemplate, then imagine the repercussions.
In the criminal law parlance incitement is a far more dangerous crime than doing the act itself. So what are we going to do with the Lordie. I am sure Lordie knows all these repercussions, so would he be the guy who leaked information?

Given all this I doubt either the Sound Systems Guy or the Lordie are the men in question. For, one man has a dying career to prolong (more than revive) and the other has a legacy to live for.

Now on the identity bit, I have doubts if the writer of this blog is a cricketer playing the IPL. In my opinion the blog is being ghost written by a professional with inputs from insiders. It might be as many people have been contemplating be a marketing ploy. Look at the extra attention this blog has brought on to an IPL which was hastily arranged in a foreign land. Every time you see that commentator on screen you see Kishen Kannaiya (and not HIM), and you think “mmm… who / how much did you score last night?”. You see a Sandy Baddy Babe on screen you think “well, who’s gonna win that bet?”

So this blog has in fact created an emotional bond (of a different kind of course) for us with IPL-2. Many people have even started referring to the players with their Fake IDs or the names attributed to them by the Fake Player, Aapam Chutiya, Kaan Moolu, Little John, Dildo etc.

Wait for a couple of hours to see the next post from this man and then we shall continue on with this contemplation on his identity.


Amy said...

The supposed post he quotes is actually a comment on Fake's lost post. I think someone was just impersonating him in the comments.

But the sudden lack of posts in the past day coinciding with reports Fake had been caught do lend to the theory that it's a player.

I really don't think Ganguly would do something like this. But RDB is easier to believe, especially considering your point B is actually more of a reason for RDB to start this blog.

straight point said...

compelling reasons raja!!

exactly my sentiments...his last real chance (to make good money) was to play in assuming if he is the ONE...he will be like 'untouchable'...

who will be so dumb duck to throw it away just for the grudges he may be having that too for nothing...??!!

Rishabh said...

Ha ha ha ..!! While "We" are arguing about the supposed identity of a man we know to be fake, the powers to be seem to be having a big laugh... IPL II, after the series of chaotic upheavals it had to face during the past 2-3 months leading upto the actual event, was almost doomed to be a failure. The problem for the bigger powers was not this yrs event that had already been paid for... but for continuing the franchise for more returns in the years to come ... For this, a little excitement had to be generated in the form of an engagement which would increase interest among the fans, which could not be normal communications or contests which are already thought to be part of the package.. It had to be something we cricket fans did not expect but would be intrigued by .. a spy in the enemy camp is a concept that and been tried and tested in movies and has always been a success.. A mole.. giving inside information however (un)true would always be something that could be counted upon as a means to generate free publicity.. I am not trying to discredit the powers to be in the cricketing fraternity for their wonderful campaign .. it truly was amazing but it seems stupid to sit back and see such a large bunch of fellow intellectuals arguing on something which is quite obviously a farce... I would like to end this comment (which is probably as long as a post) by pleading to the online community to ask the IPL officials to give us something new .. It was nice while it lasted .. and now we want something else..!