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Calling Bishen Singh Bedi… Mr. Bedi come in please!!

by RajaB

Johan Botha of South Africa is the latest to be reported for suspect action. I learn this is the third time Botha had been reported. The news that he has been reported for a suspect action also coincides with no news from Mr Bedi for a while. We haven't heard from you sir since you had whiskey with the visiting English team (in late '08) and hung-over during practice.

Cricket, Mr Bedi is boring, without your valuable comments about today's bowlers and their bowling. I can see Monty nodding vigorously in agreement, sitting at his home in Bedfordshire.

I am sure you would agree with us it is time, Mr Bedi it's time for you to speak up. For, a right action has to be taken against the latest of (the spate of) wrong actions. I am sure Mr Bedi you would agree with us, that this disease of wrong actions has to be eradicated from the cricket world, be it by bowlers or administrators.

Mr Bedi, ask him to use Botha brain and hand while bowling and do it right.


Gaurav Sethi said...

yeah, bish will have them throw the wrong action in the right ocean

watched him on a cook show with his son, boy did he rag the kid who had cooked some prawns, and was hungry for papajee's approval.

abt botha, suspect smith's hand in glove with the saf umpires - squash all opposition.

straight point said...

"every wicket murli has had are actually run-outs" said bedi once...

we all are missing you original paaji...