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"Shoiab Akhtar is not my enemy"

by Gaurav Sethi

I'm very curious to know why Shoiab Akhtar is in the squad to play Australia.

At Younis Khan’s press conference, some journos got pretty damn curious too.

Over to Q in Dubai:

He was questioned about Shoaib Akhtar's fitness several times and every time Younis has the same response - "He has passed a fitness test and that is why he's in the squad". When another journalist pointed out that Shoaib had also passed a fitness test before the Pakistan vs West Indies series but didn't appear in even a single ODI of the 3 match series in Abu Dhabi, Younis smiled and asked, "Aap logon ki dushmani hai kia Shoaib ke saath?".

Now, while Shoiab Akhtar is not my friend, he sure as hell is not my enemy.

But damn, I’m so curious, why did they pick him? Aren’t you?

For the full report, over to Q!


Q said...

I was at the team's practice session last evening. Shoaib was bowling in full flow, though with a heavily strapped knee. Will have the post and pic up later today.

As Younis said - they picked him cos he was fit. :-)

straight point said...

you need some one to pull crowd and do some showbaazi to keep fans guessing...

bookies too will be happy to bet on which ball he will limp outa ground...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, how long did he bowl in the nets?

I'll give Younis this much, given the questions, that was a smart reply.

Imagine Shoiab Malik's mutters in his place. OK, i don't want to imagine.

Gaurav Sethi said...

SP, showbaazi is bigticket stuff, esp with sub cont crowds. won't be surprised if he doesn't even play one game, just waves, signs autographs, and sits in the dugout.

but if he does play, you can count me in. this is what we call suspense comedy, a new genre

Q said...

SP, thats true.. the word is the organizers kinds pulled their weight around to get Shoaib here..

Q said...

NC, Younis really did well with the media. Handled very well.

Shoaib bowled for about 10 minutes.. than sat on a coolbox before he was asked to get up cos someone needed a drink. Then he bowled for another 5 minutes..