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A column by Fake IPL Player

by bored cricket crazy indians

Fake IPL Player dropped by earlier today at the Bored talk number. Bored Member Ottayan, Ankit, Straight Point, Sam, Naked Cricket, were all there.

He walked in with a swagger. So these were the guys that pinned me first, hmmm

Yeah, Fake made his debut on Bored. Even before he got writing on the Fake IPL Player blog.

That day he had one follower, and that Paedophile Priest post. Three Ps can take you a long way baby.

Next thing you know, blogcity’s going to town with the story. And Fake is being followed, like rats followed the Piper.

At Bored, we invite Fake IPL Player to write for us.

You fit the profile sir. You are Bored. And the rest of that hack stuff, cricket crazy Indian sorta guy. Isn’t everyone?

But boy, are you bored.

You’re bored like I’m bored, got nuthin happening, but for the cricket. That is from the Bored anthem. You man, you are like the bored mascot.

And if for some reason, Fake, you can’t make it, we invite, you, you and you, to write in, to with your fake bits, faking it just like that fantastic fake ipl player would have.

Why be busy when you be bored. Why be real when you can fake it.


Amy said...

So you brought him to fame... Nice. The fact that he commented here shows he's probably a regular reader and that he was always out to get a viewership.


Gaurav Sethi said...

Amy, you can check his comment on the above post.