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"It's good to have SRK at matches"

by Gaurav Sethi

I had a Eureka! Moment earlier today, convinced I’d cracked the solution to KKR’s woe kaun thi? It was clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that SRK had to return from South Africa for KKR to have a hope in hell.

That was before I read what seemed to be an unhip piece by the hip Gayle – the column, imaginatively titled, Opening Salvo, headline: It’s good to have SRK at matches. What do they bum cigarettes off SRK, why is it good?

Saving you from the humdrum piece, I’ll cut to the chase:

Shah Rukh Khan our team owner spoke to us after the last game and encouraged us. It is good to have him around the team. He usually sends us good wishes before a game. His words of encouragement always helps to pep up the side. His motto is simple: Do battle and fight hard. The result will take care of itself. Hopefully this tonic will leads us into the semifinals.

“leads us” give me another.

KKR have a ghost of a chance to make the semis, not gonna happen with ghost writing from some suit who brings no joy to the team.


Anonymous said...

With KKR SRK (AKA Dildo) have taken up another fulltime profession on his head as Bollywood and Cricket are the most passionately followed stuff in India. While with Bollywood he can paint is best picture infront of the media, the KKR business will show his true character to the people. Anyways..20-20 is good for criket and new talent.. AD

Gaurav Sethi said...

Anon, is no character also true character