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Q Moment of IPL Match #15

by Q

Yusuf to Irfan - SIX!

Yusuf returned the favour.

Irfan to Yusuf -FOUR!

Irfan to Yusuf - FOUR!

Talk about sibling rivalry.

But you know what.

There was a bigger moment than this.

The Priety Hugs were back!


Som said...

Hugly Preity embraces success!

Ziddu and Inzoo said...

Your posts do for some interesting reads.. Pretty similar to what we are doing.

Have added you on the blogroll.. do check out our blog and if you find it interesting add it on your blogroll??

Gaurav Sethi said...

sibling rivalry and bubbling revelry

Gaurav Sethi said...

Ziddu and Inzoo you've been added. so long and thank you for the fish.