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Jat effort by Yusuf

by K

Yusuf Pathan of Jatman's XI fame, played out a Jat innings to lead RR to an unforgettable triumph against KKR. The non-thinking man's hero looked inspired as the thinking man's hero Warnie, bestowed confidence in him. Great to see someone take apart Ajantha Mendis (the 11th captain).

Ganguly not opening in the super over - BLUNDER.

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

when YP sleepwalked in for the super over, noticed a blank focussed look as opposed to his usual blank out of focus look.

And i said, boy, first ball 6. But then everyone calls that - first ball 6 or game over.

But i'm happier with the one i called on bored talk - when smith went, i said, pathan soon to went too!! What a wentday that was.