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He is safe and Sound!!

by RajaB

Didn’t I say he would be back soon?

But I didn’t expect that he would comeback this soon. So stunning was his comeback post that he wrote the word “Emotional” in English but yet Bengali to be really emotional.

Don’t believe me? Read it here for yourself.

I am expecting spicier stuff to appear on this blog in the coming days. I wouldn’t be surprised even if a Yahoo, Google or a MSN try to buy this blog out and make it a 100% commercial venture. Such seems the hype, coverage and the sensational posts that are.

They give you some sensational fodder to chew, make you long for the next installment. That is precisely what happened, rumour mills abound with the news that he has been caught, he is being packed off and he wouldn’t blog and so on. And then pat comes another one. I also think this can’t be the handiwork of just one blogger, it should be a collective. Yes many writers getting inputs from multiple sources.

In the end who knows, it might be another ploy by the Noah himself to get more publicity for his so called invention.


Anonymous said...

This is sad. You guys pretend to care about Indian cricket, until this Stardust of Indian Cricket comes along with his Neeta's Natter type blog and everyone is promoting it. The news from yesterday should have been Warne's captaincy, Kamran Khan's amazing rags to glory story, Yusuf Pathan's absolute fearlessness, and Dada's latest proof of just why he is The Dada. Instead everyone is snickering over this character assassination. Even if real, this is a no talent guy pissing at super successful stars. When did that become admirable. Sometimes human nature just makes one sad. Please change the name of your Blog. You guys are not cricket crazy - you are gossip crazy middle school girls.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Anon, your response will be up as a post here.

For starters, your posts will go up as a Bored Guest.

You can write to

"you guys are not cricket crazy"

Yes, but before that we are Bored.

Thanks for writing in.


Anonymous said...

Yaar Rajab I don't think we should pay any further attention to this FAKE IPL PLAYER guy. Let's concentrate on the top-class cricket on display rather than give mileage to this lunatic.