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Q Moment of IPL Match #8

by Q

Camera points to Shahid Afridi with his pads on sitting in the dressing room.

Camera points to crowd and a banner that says, "Boom Boom Afridi, we want big six".

Camera points to Afridi, who shows his wrist and turns it over as if bowling a leggie and then shows six fingers.

That topped all the moments so far!

Oh wait that wasn't an IPL moment.

Oh no, Afridi wasn't playing for the Deccan Chargers today. He turned out for Pakistan!

Which match was I watching?

What the hell, it was Afridi.

And the crowd got the big six!


Take that Australia!


Anonymous said...

unfortunately they made a mess out of it.

straight point said...

you should have called it 'younis moment'...if you know what i mean... :)

pRAFs said...

Boom Boom Afridi looks to have worked hard on his bowling during the break. He bowls a decent googly now.
Anyways, the aussies were making Van de Merve and Duminy look unplayable.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, called it before the series, Pak will win - most teams with spinners should beat oz