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Talk to the world’s best cricket expert. LIVE.

by Gaurav Sethi

Right now instead of reading this, you could be talking to yourself in the New Bored Talk – that’s a Live Chat number. Yeah, LIVE!

And while you’re enacting that Macbeth soliloquy, who knows which Bored Member you will run into -

It could be Achettup, who’s short of a length, or RajaB, who’s very full. It could be a well pitched Q or the journal-inclined watcher, Soulberry. It could be the cartoonist A Bisht or the realist Homer. It could be one of the two Ankits or maybe even both of them. It could be a fizzy Scorpicity or an icy Ottayan. It could be a rambling VM or the stoic John. It could be Bhaskar Khaund 1 or Trideep too. It could be Nikhil Kalaan the first or Som the Doosra. It could be Bored Peon or Bored Neon. It could be Yawn T Roads or Jatman. It could be a linear Straight Point or a stark Naked Cricket.

Tell you what I just had a fine time talking with that Naked Cricket.

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