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Where are you dear sir, we need someone as able to respond?

by RajaB

Well, we paged you yesterday, but you didn’t respond. Your stoic silence has been taken for granted by the South African's, they think they could get away with murder.

Don’t believe me?

See what they have done. They have dropped Johan Botha from their squad for the final ODI.


They want to shield him, from being called again. So he will not be called now, unless you, our dear sir broke his silence and called him, names.

Look at what the man himself says (and I quote the good guys from cricinfo)

"We know what we want to do and we know what we need to do," Botha told Cricinfo. "It's pretty simple."

What does this mean?

This means many things to us.... conspiracy sir.

1. May be they are planning to send his body double (Johan Onna) for the test in Australia and get Botha them cleared
2. Or, may be they are tutoring him now. On how not to bowl how he bowls now, during this break from the final ODI

Your silence is painful dear sir. Yes sir, more painful than how batsmen felt when Steve Bucknor declared them out (he says he is retired but still sir, the batsmen feel the pain).

And my dear sir no worries, I assure you even this time if you open you will not close that easily. No court and no case sir. Yes sir, I mean your sweet mouth simply can’t, those harmonic words that come out.

(Y)our scope is expanding, you will first finish Johan Botha and cricket South Africa off and then come to India. Here we will say “Hello” to Gill paji, our sports minister and a big “Thank you” to him. We need to extract an answer from Harbajan and Dhoni, irresponsible guys they are sir. First tell them how important the Padma awards are, and then demand an answer as to why they missed the ceremony. We need to ask them if that was because of an impending income or expenditure. Yes sir, an ad shoot or a girl friend. You know what we try to mean here…

And sir we have this spineless ICC’s meeting happening in Dubai to decide if cricket could be played in Pakistan or by ICL.

Sorry sir, I know this might be confusing, but two things sir. One my English is not as perfect as yours and two this particular item (line) in the ICC agenda was drafted by Sharad Pawar.

And sir I repeat, please save us & cricket sir. We believe, there have only been two indelible icons in world history who saved the world – general or cricket. One, Hercules and the important two is you sir.

So please respond sir.


Gaurav Sethi said...

To sir is human

straight point said...

you wish has been grated raja...partially...

i saw bedi comment on TOI today on dhoni & bhajji's padam shree saga...though i must add that i was disappointed...he seems to have mellowed down...

Gaurav Sethi said...

but it was a big fat comment. notice how arun lal feigned ignorance as usual. must drink diplomat whiskey