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Thanks for your comments, it is now a post

by RajaB

Yes Mr Anonymous, your post is here...

Let me start with clarifying that we don’t essentially subscribe to what some call “Yellow journalism” here at BCC!. That said, there are certain stories that border some shades of yellow. So when it comes to stories such as the one you have mentioned the Point Of View becomes the most important thing.

I mean, did we put it up for the plain simple sensation value or did we come to say something else. If you read the post again, you would understand that we indeed have a message.

The message in bold was, “DON’T TAKE THAT BLOG SERIOUSLY, IT MIGHT JUST BE A MARKETING GIMMICK”. As I mentioned earlier, yes even this message would have its shade of yellow.

Moving ahead let me recommend that you need to read this, this & this on BCC! and see this too. That is precisely what you wanted to see more, the glory of the game – cricket, unadulterated yet with a POV.

Nevertheless I appreciate your comments, the anger and honesty in expressing what you feel about the way cricket is reported and read today. But let me close with telling that, if one or a couple of stories like this on BCC! made you call us guys, gossip crazy middle school girls. Imagine what those “N” number of news sources we have today – All the TV’s, newspapers, websites etc. which thrive on nothing but sensationalism would have to be called.

Imagine how long we would take reaching out to them, telling them what we think. Lastly, would everyone be as forthright to see merit in the argument? As I said in the start every colour has its shade. The shade depends on how you see or perceive it to be.

Do keep coming here. I look forward to reading more of you on BCC!.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking note and responding. My rant was not so much against BCCi as against the general air of glee surrounding this entire 'fake' farce from people who should know better. Granted the Indian audience for Cricket is not composed of 500 million cricket gurus, but one expects that atleast people like yourself and many other bloggers linked from your site would have love and respect for the game and the professionals who play it. The IPL is truly unique in that there are professional cricketers putting their all into these games for nothing more than professional pride and the joy of competing. The money of course, but just the money does not generate the kind of passion and desire seen from Warne and Dada yesterday. Dravid does not need the money, and yet in every match he goes out and plays with a chip on his shoulder, as if after 20,000 plus international runs he has anything left to prove to anybody but himself. The joy in Kumble's face when Dravid takes a catch. The way young Parthiv Patel plays above his class when paired with Hayden. The way Warney can hold a non-English speaking slumdog kid from backwater India and fill him up with self-belief until its coming out his ears.
I play Cricket. I love Cricket. I have enough talent to know how hard it is to do the kind of things these guys do. The hours and hours of back breaking net sessions it takes to perfect technique and concentration. Then someone with a laptop and free time comes along and starts pissing all over that, with half clever names and salacious reports about Warney screwing 3 babes together, or Ishant Sharma scoring, or Brett Lee having an affair with Preity Z etc etc and suddenly the real love of the so-called Indian cricket audience is exposed, as the blog goes stratospheric in days. I remember back when Richards was playing, there used to be stories in the English tabloids of how he smoked ganja and broke the bed during orgies. The guy used to practice 8 hours a day everyday to get to that level of perfection. If you can't respect that, atleast don't run him down.
I gave this example since you mentioned the press and media. It is because of their failings that people like me prefer to get our Cricket-fix from blogs like yours. Is it necessary for blogs to descend to the level of the English tabloid press or Stardust magazine? How can you love the game and then knock it down. A humorous touch like yours or JRod's is fine. Other blogs linked here often give excellent analysis. Yet others offer true fans a voice. This fake thing is none of the above. Its pure mischief, and in my opinion it cheapens us all by association. Sorry, but I could not hold back, not after the great game we saw yesterday.