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4-0-18-0 X 2

by Gaurav Sethi

Knight Riders vs Daredevils, the tale of two spinners, Amit Mishra and Murali Kartik, both with identical bowling analysis - 4 overs-no maidens-18 runs-no wickets. Also neither player made it to India's T20 WC squad. Also neither player is the chosen one of Indian cricket.

Murali was forgetten a long time back, Amit is being forgotten as we speak. Sometimes, your best is just not good enough for Indian cricket. Is it time for one of the cricketers to become a Fake IPL Player?

1 comment:

raj said...

NC, yeah, the filthy mouthed sardar despite mediocre performances will continue to be in the national team and fire darts at batsmen's pads. International batsmen from SA, Aus, Oz and NZ being what they are, he will get a few wickets in the bargain, and continue to be hyped as India's #1 spinner. Nothing could be farther from truth.