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Ah Action !

by Bhaskar Khaund

Must say the IPL commentators have treated their brief with exemplary professionalism and done a good job of pumping up that crazy IPL jam
Talking of crazy , CSK v K-XI this evening :
Cue - Appa..sorry , Sreesanth to Hayden - Hayden cuts powerfully
Danny Morrison (super ballistic shout) : " AND HAYDEN GOES CRAZY THROUGH POINT...."
Cut to - Ball fielded comfortably near the boundary
Danny Morrison (toned down) : " ....but it's fielded there"
Dan mate , YOU went pointlessly crazy there !
Took me back to the DD days of yore :
Commentator (super excited and loud) : "AUR YEH SHAANDAAR SHOT....."
Commentator (not excited and soft) : "ek run ke liye."
Camera pans (like crazy) in zag zag fashion (unsuccessfully) searching for the action
Those were the days when teams would give up when the AR rose above 4.1 and T20 could only be Tea after 20 overs.
By the way , anyone tell me whether "cut to" applies to live TV camera , esp sport ?


RajaB said...

(super ballistic shout) And he is back, what a splendid comeback this has been...

For a post !!

And for those many more to come

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Thanks sir Raja B - insha'llah , so long as TV claims me in front of itself when the beautiful game is on instead of in the sense of an excel spreadsheet ;-)

RajaB said...

I would try behave myself to put you infront of a TV... Insha'llah !!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Haha! there's a reason, myopia mixed with idiocy and tiny TVs and very little hand eye coordination -holding a mic, looking at the field, then lookn at the tv, then lookn yr co-com, bhogle

Gaurav Sethi said...

'fade' applies more to players.

'cut to' in live sport, don't hear it, but then you hear enough already

achettup said...

RajaB, Was it just a couple of years ago that out domestic cricket was covered the same way by DD?