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As if you care about Shakib Al Hasan

by Gaurav Sethi

Good for Shakib he wasn't picked by an IPL team and Mortazaed - i.e played like his fellow Bangladeshi (by KKR) in their penultimate game, made to bowl the ultimate over, and ultimately lose them the match.

Moving on to Bangladesh's warm-ups for the T20 WC - looks like they've been at it - 3 warm-up games back home vs. Bangladesh A, as if you care. Followed by games vs. New Zealand, Netherlands and Scotland. And that was till 29th May.

On the 1st they play Australia, on the 2nd Sri Lanka.

And if you care, check out Shakib's showing in these games, esp vs New Zealand, not bad, eh?

Frankly, Shakib wasn't picked by an IPL team because nobody knew what he looked like, played like, what cola he liked? Had they hopped across here, who knows what would've been - Shakib Al Hasan (like fake) was both seriously and stupidly first talked about here at Bored.

Now what are the chances of Shakib taking India back to the future circa 2007? Let the Shakibbing continue.


Q said...

He's a star! He's our star!

The Shakibbing may take the deshis far.. further than many think.

Gaurav Sethi said...

You got that right Q. He's our star - will this be the first time an intl game with Shakib is telecast Live beyond B'desh? And did u see how they've spelt his name at - reckon the spelling was fantasy cricket too

Q said...

yeah saw that.. thats how they spell saqib in Pakistan... little do they know abt the deshi tiger - SHAKIB!!

Anonymous said...

who the fuck is shakib all hasan!!!...never heard of the he a illegal bangladeshi immigrant trying to find work in recession hit india!!

raj said...

No thats not going to happen. Who knows that shit spin player Yuvraj might end up Broad-ing Shakib and we'll all be left to tear our hairs in despair. It would be nice if the cocky young and not-so-young Indian hot-headed temperamental spaniels got grounded by the Deshis. But thats not going to happen