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Happy Bored Day dinesh karthik wife

by Gaurav Sethi

Happy B'day Karthik. And credit to your wife for helping you in the search-stakes. Enter Dinesh Karthik into your Google search slot, and instead dinesh karthik wife appears. (in bold, mind you) Hark back to the rough time she had while her husband made a meal of it in the middle. She was on edge, and far more photographed than DK those days.

Right now though, DK's back to ball watching in front of the TV. Far more enjoyable than dropping balls behind the stumps.

Going by IPL 2, could this be the better half of his career?

1 comment:

raj said...

unlikely. Dhoni doesnt seem to want him. Dhoni seems to be more into Parthiv - tries to give him as many chances to impress with CSK as he can manage. Another matter that Parthiv refuses to take those.

I'd like Dhoni to move to Ranchi Rascalas, and Dinesh Karthik to take over CSK, retire from international cricket and take CSK to glory.
(What do you mean RR doesnt exist? If it doesnt exist, it has to be invented. Sahara dont have an IPL team, do they? They can create this one, buy Dhoni and create a splash)