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Baz McCullum and the Buddhiman Baba

by Ankit

stare, but win! No, this is not a Harry Potter spin-off. This is about the Kolkata Knight Riders and how they made a bigger asshole a**h**e of themselves by playing well today.

Brendon Baz McCullum had underperformed till now. He is a kiwi cricketer, he knows all about losing. He knows how it feels when the sport you play loses out to rugby. He knows how it feels when you end up as the 9th best side in the world, no matter what the rankings say.

He was the perfect choice for skipper because Buchanan knew that if you are destined to lose, better do it with a captain who can take it in his stride. I bet another book is on the cards for the pacman-loving coach. (of course, what else do you think is on his laptop)

Sachin Tendulkar has gone on record saying that he would not play under John Buchanan even if he is offered 100 billion dollars.

The above is not true. I used my journalistic liberties, but you get the point of course.

When it mattered, everyone failed. When it doesn’t matter, look at them. They are playing for PRIDE. If there was any pride in them, they would have taken their practice sessions seriously.

All this team does is hides behind controversies, fake blogs, bad coaching, and even racism. It seems Akash Chopra was called an Indian by Andy Bichel and he cried all the way back to India and told his friend Ajay comedy-judge Jadeja. SRK of course is not impressed.

up yours, skipper! Still, a hilarious word of praise for Wriddhiman Saha. Here is why. During the last over, when Kallis bowled a no ball and McCullum pushed it to extra cover, the latter refused a run, and preferred to take strike for the free hit. This did not go down well with the racially challenged bangali hello spirit hello of the Buddhiman Baba. So, when Baba himself finally got the strike for the last ball, he did what the skip could not even dream that he could do.

Concentrating all his angst on the ball, he sent it soaring above the long on boundary. Way to go, INDIAN!!! What was gestured to the skipper after the ball by the INDIAN is still not known, but I am sure the fake IPL Player would be working on it.


Q said...

You ofcourse have beaten FIP to it!

Ankit said...

am i him?

Q said...

Ooooohh, are u!?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Saha stuff is hilarious, can't believe i slept thru it, damn!