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Bored Game: Damn you Delhi vs. Mud on your face Mumbai

by bored cricket crazy indians

35th match: Delhi Daredevils v Mumbai Indians at East London - May 8, 2009 8.00 pm IST

Take it personally. Your family will be involved, abused. Screw the semis, this is it. This and the 2nd one on the 21st. No home game, no away game, just a $#!@&* rented field out of Africa. Watch an ancient grudge break to new mutiny. There will be blood. And it will be yours.

Take it easy will you, none of this should be tried at home or school.

What you can do though, is hop on to the Bored Game. Make some boring predictions like 1) Who will top score? 2) Who will top the wickets? 3) Who will top the result?

Of course if that’s too boring, there’s the alternative Bored Game. More exciting bored predictions like 1) Who will bottom score in the top 3 batsmen (from each team)? 2) Who will bottom bowl in the bowlers? 3) Who will bottom the result?

You can overdo it and take part in both games. The winner of either/both Bored Games will be felicitated at Bored Cricket Crazy Indians, in unimaginable ways.

For one, your name, along with the title ‘Bored Game Winner’, will go up here at BCC!

Second, a post by one, or all the Bored Members for you, baby.

Third, hell, don’t you like surprises?

New to BCC! - You can answer by clicking at Yawns (comments section) at the bottom of this post.

Criteria for Winners: Answers before the start of the 2nd innings will be preferred to those at the end of it. No limit on the number of entries.

Delhi Daredevils
G Gambhir, DA Warner, AB de Villiers, TM Dilshan, KD Karthik, M Manhas, R Bhatia, A Mishra, P Sangwan, A Nehra, DP Nannes

Mumbai Indians
SR Tendulkar, L Ronchi, SS Tiwary, JP Duminy, DJ Bravo, AM Nayar, RR Raje, PR Shah, Harbhajan Singh, SL Malinga, DS Kulkarni


straight point said...

let me be the first to put neck across line...

1. dilshan
2. mishra
3. delhi


1. jaya, gg
2. bhaji, bhatia
3. mumbai

Gaurav Sethi said...

1) warner 2) nannes 3) delhi

1) srt, gg 2) bhajji, mishra 3) mumbai

Anonymous said...

top score :

1) Tendulkar / Sehwag / Gambhir
2) Vettori / Malinga
3) Delhi of course. Mumbai is one man army ...

Som said...

1. Scorer: AB de Villiers
2. Wicket: Ashish Nehra
3. TEAM:Delhi.

1. Score: Sachin Tendulkar
2. WICKET: Pradeep Sangwan (if he gets a match, that is);
3) TEAM: Mumbai.

achettup said...

1) Sachin
2) Malinga
3) Delhi!


1) Sehwag
2) Bhajji
3) Mumbai!

Ankit said...

1) Gauti 2) Mishra 3) Delhi

1) Sanath, Dilshan 2) bhajji, bhatia 3) mumbai

Q said...


1) Sachin Tendulkar
2) Malinga
3) Mumbai


1) Jayasuriya/Gambhir
2) Kulkarni / Nehra
3) Delhi

Anonymous said...

1. Ronchi
2. Bravo
3. Mumbai

1. Warner/Sachin
2. Sangwan/Kulkarni
3. Delhi

Aashrey said...

Warner Malinga Delhi

Ronchi Harbi Mumbai

RajaB said...

1) Warner (2) Malinga (3) Delhi

1) Gambhir (2) Harbajan (3) The commentary team