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Bored Game: Who will win that ugly trophy?

by bored cricket crazy indians

We’re down to four, and thankfully nobody has called it foreplay yet. Delhi and Deccan play their demons, whoever beats them, wins. Both teams play best on autopilot, and hate to be under the pump. Frankly, who does – ask a drought ridden cricketer that stupid.

Then there’s the Southern man talent hunt (except plenty of puns on the all-South Sagar Ratna-Swaagath cricket fest tomorrow). Will Rajnikant be there, or will his daughter render an animated version?

Anyway let’s get down to the Bored Game: Who will be the finalists? Who will win that yugly trophy? See my Southern hangover hasn’t quite cleared.

And who will hit the BCC! Maximum 6s*, see how liberating it is to add your own name instead of the builder’s.

And pinpoint the Bored Moment of failure* – one that broke the bank!

While you’re at it, give the highest wicket-taker* and run-scorer* a shot too.

The winner will not get a replica of the ugly trophy. Instead you will receive BCC! maximum exposure!

For one, your name, along with the title ‘Bored Game Winner’, will go up here at BCC!

Second, a post by one, or all the Bored Members for you, baby.

Third, hell, don’t you like surprises?

New to BCC! - You can answer by clicking at Yawns (comments section) at the bottom of this post.

Criteria for Winners: Answers before the start of the 2nd innings will be preferred to those at the end of it. No limit on the number of entries.

*These questions are for the IPL2 Finals, and not the whole tournament


raj said...

Deccan Chargers will win the Yugly trophy
Adam Gilchrist will hit 'Raj' maximum 6's :-) (Why should I plug you, rather plug myself!)
Bored moment of failure is when Sehwag runs out David Warner or De Villiers or when Rajat Bhatia leaks runs in the 13th over.
Highest Wicket Taker = Rohit Sharma
Run Scorer = AB Devilliers

Gaurav Sethi said...

Raj, allow me to clarify that the questions marked with * (in the post) are for the Finals and not the whole tournament.

Have just added the *

Also, could you pls write to me at

scorpicity said...

Royal sloshers will win. Else something has drastically gone with the script of the bookies.

For the rest of the answers, will wait for the call from those blokes.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Finalists: DDD, CSK
Yugly trophy Winners: DDD
BCC! Max 6s: Jatman
Wkts: Nehra
Bored moment of failure: Hayden misstimes a pull, c&b asheeesh nehra

pRAFs said...

man, that penguin would be chuffed if he got hayden out.
finalists dc, csk
highest wicket taker.. rp singh
most sixes.. gilly

bored moment of failure... kallis getting hit for 20 or more in over

straight point said...

finalists DD vs BRC
max 6s taylor
highest scorer AB
max wkts mishra

Q said...

Final: DC vs RCB
Trophy: DC
Max 6's: Gilchrist
Top Scorer: Gilchrist
Top Wicket taker: Rohit Sharma

Q said...

Final: DC vs RCB
Trophy: DC
Max 6's: Gilchrist
Top Scorer: Gilchrist
Top Wicket taker: RP Singh

Bored Moment of Failure: Uthappa drops Gilchrist during the first 6 overs.

Q said...

Just changed Rohit to RP and added failure moment..

Gaurav Sethi said...

Finalists: CSK, DC
Winners: CSK
BCC! Max 6s: Raina
Bowler: Murali
Bored moment of failure: when gilli plays on in the first over

straight point said...

Finalists: BRC, DC
Winners: BRC
BCC! Max 6s: symonds
Bowler: kumble