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Letter to a friend

by Bored Guest

Droppin Uthappa,

Please find a place in the field where you won't drop sitters.

wasn't always the case with you. was it?
i still remember the old days when you had just come onto the scene.
you were supposed to be one of the stars of the future alongwith yuvi and kaif.
you might not have been as brilliant as them, but weren't a liability for sure.

i still remember the bows to all part of the ground after every catch or run out.
arrogant, it might have looked, at times.
but you were good enough, to back it with work on the field.

Not too long ago, was it?

rameez raja said on air today,

'was that dropped?oh it's uthappa there. it must have been a catch.'

not very pleasant, is it?

that is not the only issue my friend. your batting has become rather suicidal always was....
but it's a bit too much these days. do you want to be india's answer to Ross Taylor? heck, even he's playing innings of substance now. Rohit was unheard of back then when you started. Raina wasn't belting everything over midwicket. you are not in a very comfortable position, are you now? even DK is sneaking up on his batting alone.

so my friend, time to get back to the nets and some school boy stuff...chuck it really high.... and watch it come back into your hands.

yours sincerely,


straight point said...

talent first got to his head...and then when he was bowing...dropped it somewhere...

pRAFs said...

guess its true sp.
all the fame, must have gone to his head.

pRAFs said...

i mean if it was kallis or kumble, i'd have said alrite, age is catching up with them.
Uthappa just has no excuse for being a liability in the field.
Rameez's comment shud shake him up though

scorpicity said...

Looks like his head dropped off with that weird hairstyle.

Gone the Kambli way before he barely touched success.

RajaB said...

I vividly remember a high decibel Ravi Shastri rant during that famous ODI innings Uttappa played during India's England tour... "Uttappa youuu beaUTY... Go have 4 uttappams for this fantastic innings"

Given his current form he might not enjoy the luxury of having uttappams... He might have to bake a few to make a living !!

pRAFs said...

at this rate, dont see a return to the national side .also mallya might not be keeping him in the team for too long.
i think you are right RajaB, baking is the way to go

Gaurav Sethi said...

"like a stray dog gone defective, like a paper tiger" - beck

good one prafs, and just the other day i was kicked abt his 50.

think somewhere down he just couldn't handle gambhir's rise or for that matter, his own. Another Kambli, totally scorpi.