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Drunk Daredevil

by Gaurav Sethi

A drunk sways past our table, shrieking Mallya’s name in connection with some sorting out. He does his round across the bar, sways back again, declares that the match is fixed, and he knows everything. We nod, encourage some drunk banter, he doesn’t disappoint. He repeats he knows everything. We repeat our nods, and agree he knows everything. He repeats the match is fixed.

Bored meeting at Def Col Club, present: K, SP, NC. While Som is in Jo’burg fulfilling his duties as the Real IPL Player. Earlier in the piece, the club wallahs put up a giant screen for just K and NC. Reckon if SP had arrived earlier, who knows, a second screen? The kebabs like Delhi, were underdone. But then, like Jatman, we selected poorly.

1 comment:

straight point said...

i asked the same q from their management but they were helpless as only one match was going on at that point of time... ;-)