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Real IPL Player: Delhi Daredevils vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

by Som

i) Jacques Kallis chugs down the track on his follow through and applies brakes just before colliding with AB de Villiers, who had blocked the delivery. Kallis gives him a piece of mind, telling exactly what he thought of him. And to ensure de Villiers has not missed the point, Kallis repeats the sermon after the next delivery. For the uninitiated, the duo is rumoured to play for the same national side;

ii) It’s not for nothing that cricketers are called demi-gods in India. Anil Kumble removes Yogesh Nagar, not exactly Don Bradman reincarnated, and then does a Lord Vishnu. Only the Sudarshan Chakra is missing as Jumbo sketches a circle in the sky.

iii) Two white ladies enter the hospitality suit with bindis on their forehead. Downwards, the sartorial parsimony, so intrinsic of the local culture, however reassures that they have not chucked their own tradition altogether. IPL rings on cultural fusion in South Africa.

iv) Sehwag doesn’t field McGrath the Pigeon. The joke doing the round here is Sehwag wants to stay away from any sort of ‘Kabootarbaazi’.

v) Rahul Dravid’s most shots find the point fielder. We didn’t seek evidence but Jammy decided he had a point to prove.


straight point said...

rumor is right som...sources have confirmed that both kallis and AB share same dressing room when they play for sa... :)

...and who said that ipl failed to instill 'club' rivalry between players and followers...?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Parsimony indeed. You could have lingered on the two white ladies somewhat longer.

Btw what’s the Buzz about match fixing? Tho i take it sam was only the driver.

straight point said...

nc...som thought of it but was vary that his score too will be talked about in FIP coming post...and you know he is dedicated married maan... ;-))

Unknown said...

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sraghuna said...

Jatman doesn't fear the Mc'wrath' of a kabootar scorned!