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How Seriously Do(es) Players(Shane Keith Warne) Take The IPL?

by achettup

We all remember Dale Steyn's comments about the IPL being a paid vacation. One look at the way Sehwag's been batting this season and it would seem the Indian cricketers wanted a vacation away from home this time round. But what about the men who have made a big impact in the IPL. The men who have sat down and planned, and planned, and picked young kids and groomed them, control freaks and all, always keeping everyone on their toes on the field?

Shane Warne is one of these men. Perhaps the only one. With one IPL championship under his belt, he can probably afford to relax a little. But thats not what you see when you watch him on the field. As mentioned by Straight Points, maybe he's just a bit too animated. He expects the best from them, non stop. No slip ups.

So I wonder what they were thinking when the camera's caught him accepting a beer from the crowd during the match. Bangalore had numbers 7 and 9 at the crease, but what example does it set the rest of the squad when the captain who's been pushing them so hard, acts so irresponsibly? What would Smith have been thinking? Munaf? Modi? I wonder what everyone was thinking when Number 10 then hit Warne for a six two balls later.

Its when Warne does just plain stupid things like this, that we begin to question whether Cricket Australia were in fact right by giving a reformed alcoholic the position ahead of a chain smoker who couldn't stay away despite knowing full well he was under additional scrutiny because he had signed up for a public stunt.

Unrelated, maybe, but I think Amit Singh's action is going to be reviewed very carefully in the near future. Thrown in Kamran Khan and Shaun Tait, and you've got wonder if the person making the fast bowling selections wants as much attention as Shilpa spinning that nauseating fake laugh. Speaking of fake, did I hear Danny Morisson refer to Warne as "The Sheikh of Tweak"? Isn't that a moniker that the Fake IPL Player invented? Great, now he's infiltrated the commentary box as well... or was he always there to begin with?

I'm with Rameez Raja, this is my bored moment of the match btw, "I'm sick of you Danny!"


straight point said...

i was too thinking of writing something on this once i saw this...

the incidents like this are making the mockery of league which has every ingredient to be top notch league...only and only if ipl organisers free their eyes from the pile of cash!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Woke up to the 6 of Warne, just missed the drinks.

warne's a superpower to himself, always has been, reckon CA read that right, and didn't want a No man in charge.

KishyCool said...

You dimwits are making mountains out of moll hills. I am very happy that IPL has moved to SA, otherwise people like you would demand all the cheer leaders wearing saris or even burkhas.

achettup said...

SP, It is a mockery, imagine is he'd done it during the Ashes. At the end of the day, when you take all the Bollywood tamasha and razzmatazz out, its the quality of cricket, good hard and well fought cricket, that will determine how succesful the IPL will be.

NC, I'm still split on that one, but maybe I'll go with you and CA... you didn't need a brilliant skipper with that team.

KishyCool (wow if ever you needed to let people know how awesome you are!)... So if I am to understand you correctly, there is a strong correlation between how I would like to see my cheerleaders decked up and how I interpret the responsibility with which a professional cricketer conducts himself on the field... or are you saying the IPL is not about cricket and so they all might as well tap some bong, pass around the alcoholic beverages and start butt fucking themselves to glory? Maybe you'd find that more entertaining than a tie followed up by a super over? Btw, its mole hill, I would have thought your tongue rolled that one out automatically. pwned by dimwit, how KissyCool is that?

Tifosi Guy said...

Warne was coined Sheikh of Tweak in the late 90's and is not a nickname invented by ' FakeIPL player'.

Anonymous said...

He's crazy like a fool
What about KishyCool ?
KishyCool KishyCool
KishyCool KishyCool
Oi Kishy , how ya doing ?
cool name
- FakeStrawberry

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Hey Kishy here distracted me from what i was going to ask - heh , did that really happen ? warne had a beer during the game ?? yuck , he must have felt quite sick after that...did he throw up or anything ?

achettup said...

TG, didn't know that, thanks for pointing it out.
Bhaskar, the point here isn't that Warne had a beer - given the chance I'd buy him one - its that it is irresponsible for him to be having one on the field during the game, and a bit hypocritical if you look at the way he's always in his players faces. It also sends across the message that the IPL isn't a serious tournament and is similar to beach cricket. If that is the case, and what M/s Modi & Co intentioned, then I take this back.

Q said...

I thought that was quite awesome.. having a beer during a cricket match.. wat fun! Now if only they'd allow some joints on the field too!

Btw, Ach.. Warnie has been called "Sheikh of Tweak" for as long as i've read abt him.. I reckon since that Gatting ball..

raj said...

WTF, its not about being crazy or disrespectful or a bad example. Guys, what if there is poison mixed in the beer? Daft of him to accept beer from the crowd. Man, I am shuddering