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How to defend 145

by Bored Guest

Well, Dhoni, dear boy, yesterday you saw a captain with an even thinner bowling lineup than yours – they have only 2 bowlers, the rest are what KP would call pie chuckers – motivating and rallying his troops to a famous win defending 143, less than even your 146. Harmeet Singh before today had given away 192 runs, and shown no sign of any chances of bowling a decent over. But Adam kept his faith, and even after a 10 run over, gave him a plan, and helped him overcome his nerves, and the result – the result was 4-0-23-2 for the young tyro. Is there a lesson to be learnt there, Em Yes doni saar? How about less public moaning on your bowling? How about spending effort on your rookie bowlers to give them confidence? How about using your so-called street smartness to evolve plans on the field and communicate them to your bowlers?

How about taking responsibility for screwing your side with your 28(30) where you couldn’t even whip up a whiff of an attacking shot – and you tried hard, didn’t you MS? Where have your big shots gone? Are you finished as a big hitter? Did that cost your team? Thought along those lines, fella?

by Raj


Q said...

Dhoni was surely the culprit in the semi, but something wasnt right abt him throughout the IPL.. he didnt seem himself as captain..

Tired was he?

I reckon he'll be back rejuvenated captaining India.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Like the take that he is a diff guy with the desis than he is with this mixed bunch. Those few games with Flintoff were a horror - yet he bowled him thru, what was that 50+ of 4.

Gng by recent evidence MSD has his go-to guys, and for a while it's been Bhajji. What does that tell you about him

Q said...

that says that MSD's boys play for him?

raj said...

Well, I have been thinking about this, and I just posted in Leela's blog on this. Dhoni is sure a different captain with India than with CSK - my pet theory is the language barrier and lack of faith in local talent. But his sarcastic remarks against Sreesanth have set me thinking - well, Harbhajan did run all over the field after dismissing Hayden in the November test in India, right? Did we catch Dhoni commenting "I dont know why he ran around the ground after dismissing Hayden"? No. Yet, you have him saying that for Sreesanth. Did he disown RP after his poor run with the national team? No. Yet, he loses no opportunity to berate his CSK team publicly, and it doesnt seem like he is pointign at Oram or Morkel because he did mention that Morkel is taking wickets, and he showed utmost faith in Oram retaining him in the team despite 13 bad perfroamances this year - I'd argue that cost him the place in final - so, why does MSD not give the same space to his CSK mates that he gives to his India mates. It is seriously a point to ponder for him, if not us.
I'd argue CSK would be better off getting a full-time captain, whose sole focus would be winning CSK the trophy. A retired Aussie cricketer might help. But there are none around. Hussey, Hayden and Murali lack leadership skills to run a team like CSK.
IN an extreme scenario, I'd argue tht getting a work-ethic-and-team-spirit-strong guy like Dinesh Karthik, and putting him in charge of his Ranji charges in CSK might help.
For, IPL cleraly needs your young local talent firing, and Dhoni clearly hasnt shown the appetite for grooming young talent. He seems to be good at using existing resources to achieve an immediate goal but I bet he cant produce a Harbhajan, Yuvraj, Sehwag or Dhoni like Saurav did. This deserves an article - let me edit this comment, and put up a more coherent argument based on this