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Bat first in big final, DD in CL, Dhoni looks tired

by K

Three points I would like to make:

Always bat first in a big final is the lesson for Kallis, Boucher, Taylor since Kumble and Dravid's limited overs careers are over.

Anyway good news for Delhi Daredevil supporters. We've got lucky, having qualified for Champions League.

It's now time to focus on our title defence at T20 world championship. I tell you, Dhoni and some of his boys are looking a little jaded at this point. That's a scary thought for India fans.


Q said...

In Kumble's defence here, both Gilly and him won the toss and fielded in the semis, and won the games with ease.

RR last year won the toss and fielded in the final and won the title.

So history was on Kumble's side.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Another break a la lanka tests for MSD. Don't rule it out, he could do a Shoiab Akhtar. Warts that?

MSD always has a sense of his own form, he's bound too pull something off. Come 9 down like Uthappa.