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Jatman in Champions League

by K

Here are few lines dedicated to Jatman - Viru Bhai Sehwag (incidentally both of us hail from the same district - Jhajjar, Haryana - a district which also produces the maximum number of elite commandos for India's Special Forces)

Jatman in Champions League:

Jatman is the luckiest man in the cricketing clan.

Is baar Jatman failed with balla and ball but Champions League has still become his team's next port of call.

Jatman's happy because Champions League mein USD 250,000 is participation fee, I tell you this is the magic of desi ghee.

Hayden ne kya paya by winning orange cap, Champions League ka spot has fallen in Viru's lap.

In IPL 2 Viru failed to read length and line that's why his scores were low even though strike-rate was fine (typical Viru).

But the Nawab of Najafgarh is now all set to tackle seam and swing in ol' blighty (England) as he has the ashirwad of Bajrang Bali almighty.

Jatman's secret to success:

Jatman has no worries about foot-work, technique and opposition ke teer since all that is left to his partner Mr. Gambhir.

Drilling sense into Jatman is totally futile, let him play freely and he will go many a mile.

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

Jatman ki jai ho!

hey, well sung K

If 3D makes the Champions Final, Jatman will bowl again. But not before that.