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K's moment of the match: Chennai v Punjab

by K

Yuvi's wicket has to be the moment of the match. Man, what's Raina eating nowadays. Can't wait to see him at the T20 world cup.

In fact, while watching this match I could not figure out who to support (even thought of discussing this with Naked). Am half-Punjabi so natural tendency was to go with Punjab and also there is this irritating person I know who supports Chennai Super Kings. I wanted him to bite the dust.

But finally decided to go with Chennai for 2 reasons. Firstly, there is an even more irritating person I know who supports Punjab. I wanted him to sulk. Secondly, had Punjab won, my Delhi would have had to play Chennai in the semis.

Am glad Chennai won. The ideal situation now would be that Deccan wins today by a slender margin against Bangalore and as a result Delhi plays an unpredictable Bangalore team in the semis while Deccan takes on Chennai.


straight point said...

quite smart K! :)

(exactly my sentiments...)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Think the teams would be relieved not to play Warne, and be happy to play anybody (long it isn't their demons)

BRC seems like a cakewalk for DD, but y'kno what happened the other day. Think Mallya's concocted a new magic spirit for the Challenged - who would have thought, semi finals? Kabhi nahin.

Q said...

Raina was eating the same thing last year in the IPL..