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The Moin - Saqlain affair

by K

One of the highlights of Pakistan cricket about 10 years back was the rollicking love affair going on between Moin Khan and Saqlain Mushtaq. At one point of time every second delivery of Saqlain (good or bad) would be celebrated by Moin as he cried "well bowled buoy". Moin would often wink at Saqi and then go on to pat him on the butt after the over came to an end.

This was probably the greatest love story between two international cricketers. Sadly, it came to an abrupt end once Saqi lost control of his doosra (after he realized that he was the DOOSRA in Moin's life) and at the same time Moin decided to hang his gloves.

Confused about his sexuality and eager to forget the past, Saqi decided to grow a beard and moved to England.


Gaurav Sethi said...

All this is fine, but what abt Saqi's accent - it has not been documented enough. While the likes of Shoiab and Waqar take the spotlight.

Q said...

hahaha.. interesting take K.. though considering what u said abt winking and patting butts.. Moin did that to Wasim, Mushy, Waqar, all of em..

Yenjie said...

There used to be a joke about what Moin did on his honeymoon night - stood behind the headboard of the bed and shouted - "shabash Wasim bhai, aur jor se daalo"