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Love cricket. Love wife.

by John

Two separate incidents. The first was a call from a Bored member who had a few worries on the domestic front because the spouse was feeling threatened by all the attention to prime-time cricket. I dismissed that as a one-off. Sure, 'conversion to another religion', 'refusal to have sexual intercourse' and 'cruelty' are all available grounds for divorce in India, but the IPL and the T20 World Cup are not going to be the cause of disproportionate marital strife, was it? Surely we won't see a spike in applications for divorce during May-June 09. 

But then this morning while loureeding, I saw an ad for headphones. This was the pitch: "Love cricket. Love wife." So there may be something to the Bored Member's paranoia after all. After all, and both Naked and Fake will be able to tell you more about this, no one understands the barren landscape of the human heart like the advertiser does. 

But what about you bored and committed people? Are you facing trouble in this department?


straight point said...

john...the way time is changing you never may find some weird 'causes' in not so distant future...

Viswanathan said...

No domestic strife on account of IPL.

Only the drinking and swearing is making her unhappy.:)

John said...

So we have drinking and swearing in addition to a possible lack of marital attention. hmm.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Trouble? If there was any I didn't notice.

Q said...

I don't qualify to answer that question!

Fark said...

Not sure if you remember that ridiculous advertisement from the 90s... coke ad i think..

Imagine Srinath, ganguly running around with a song that says

"Eat cricket. Sleep cricket. Stay married only to 1 woman."

Come to think of it - it was actually quite a good ad i suppose - if I remember it after so many years!

at the end of it all : keep the lady happy folks.