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Manhas the badass

by Gaurav Sethi

You may ask what is Delhi Daredevil player Mithun Manhas, doing during a Knight Riders v Mumbai Indians game – but that’s Manhas’ story this IPL. Always there when you least expect him – dig this: 23* (13) vs. RCB, 23*(16) v RR, 3*(2) v DC. That’s 3 not outs from 3 innings, twice there to see DD through.

When Mithun Manhas and his long hooked nose walked out to bat, I overheard Delhi ask, who’s that boy? After ten years, it’s time other cities asked too - Nearly 30, Manhas made his debut way back in 1997/98, has played over 100 first class matches, scored 16 hundreds, and God have mercy on him, is a wicketkeeper. Not what you want to be in India. Look what happened to Karthik, Patel and Uthappa. Look what’s happening to Dhoni.

If SRK was around, you can bet he’d call Manhas a Badass.

picture courtesy cricinfo

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