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Geek Gods did not shine on Anil Bhai

by Gaurav Sethi

The final was divided into two parts: Gilli's wicket and the rest of the winding road. BRC won it too early, and slacked it out after that. Not Jumbo, he was like the man on the moon who wanted to be on Jupiter. But the Geek Goods did not shine on him. And for once, Jumbo looked more a dude than a geek. On the ball, button, but how long can you carry a team on your shoulders, even on those broad shoulders.


Q said...

How ironic that the captain who led from the front with 4-16, lost; and the captain who got out on a 3rd ball duck, won.

Such is cricket.

raj said...

Yup, even Rahul let Anil down. Sad. The worst part is that BRC dont have the squad to challenge the best next year. Their chance in the sun might have gone for the near future.

Q said...

Raj, they just might actually..

The emergence of Pandey is a great positive.

Plus KP might be back next season, hopefully not as captain, wich cud actually strengthen the batting.

Jesse might be in form, Ross already is..

So with a batting line up like:


They could very well be contenders.


raj said...

Q, no I dont think so. next year being in India, it will be back to big hitters like Yuvi and Viru, and grave diggers like MSD. I was shocked to see the strike rates of BRC batsmen. Virat Kohli is less than 110! Just goes to show how hype can make you look better than what you are. Tanmay Srivastava, who doesnt get many chances with KXI is a better bet, even in T20 than Virat Kohli. I'd go ahead and say Abhinav Mukund, who Dhoni sent back from the squad, is better, too. I think Rahul Dravid has the best strike rate among BRC batsmen, and thereby hangs a tale. In India, where batting brute power determines success, BRC start with a handicap. Remember that KP himself has sub-110 strike rate in T20.

Q said...

Raj, those stats regarding the strike rates are revealing.. I see now why u say RCB dont stand a chance.