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NC moment of what match was that

by Gaurav Sethi

As Q just said 2 posts earlier, there will be far too many moments in today's games. Already Ganguly down but not out, threw himself at the ball and saved a certain four. Certain as it was Ganguly doing the fielding. If you must know he was left alone at thirdman or was it fine leg*, and the ball had no business to follow him there. And if you missed the look on his face, it was something like Leo shouting "I am the King..." on that dreaded ship. What is it with Titanics, how they fall? Did you see him take that catch? He fell again, and that look, something like, “you talking to me?” Don’t fck with Dada today, he’s out to get you.
*he does seem all over the place


Q said...

Looks like we're both sensing something about Ganguly today.. he's on to something. Maybe captain next year?

Didnt c this when I did my post..

Gaurav Sethi said...

At this point he could win the game running for someone or bring in gloves with gyaan.