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On the lighter side...

by Bored Guest

So what if Yuvraj Singh can hit six sixes of six consecutive balls in one over.
So what if Muthaiah Muralidharan can spin his magical Doosra balls for all of 60 overs during one test match day.
So what if Brian Lara could brilliantly caress the ball down to third man.
So what if V. V. S. Laxman can stylishly come down on the ball, middle it and drive it into the deep.

So what?
I can play my balls for well over 24 hours, non-stop... you bet I can!

Ups, I forgot that latter game's called 'Pocket Billiards'... What the hell, so what if it's another ball game!!

by Ajoy Eric Lal
Says that some level of perverse cricketing humour and good ball sense must prevail... it never hurt anybody, did it?

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