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Q Moment of IPL Match #24

by Q

Anil Kumble, arms raised, smile wide, those old legs running towards the pitch, celebrating victory.

What a sight!

The Old War Horse has a lot left in him.


Indophile said...

I am so happy for him and RC in general . They won the match against MI which they shouldn't but they did it so its good to have some sense of justice back to world. And no captain who comes out in his shorts for the toss should win any cricket match

adverbin said...

I just wish he was captain since the beginning. Unlike Warne who had the time and inclination to prepare for his role, KP had little idea of the resources at his command and hence surely had no input into selction and other off-field decisions/planning?

Gaurav Sethi said...

the old war horse will always have a lotta fight in him. AK team man, KP lone wolf.

Q said...

I am happy for him too Indophile.

Q said...

Adverbin, thats true.. he might have done better than KP.