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Raj Moment of the Semi Final - 1

by Bored Guest

End of Match. Just before ceremony. A man in Red and Blue is engaged in deep conversation with the Deccan Chargers' captain. Smiles all around. Animated R&B man is all teeth as he seems to be saying "You did it for me, mate."

R& B is Glenn McGrath. How he must have laughed at jatman when Gilly smoked Nannes in THAT over. P.S: Is it true that Andrew Hilditch conducted a human sacrifice on Thursday night to attain a certain objective in the IPL semis?

by Raj


Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on Bored Raj.

Yeah, that was as animated as I've seen Pigeon all season. Initially I thought he wasn’t keen to play, but then his comments day before.

Nannes is an overhyped rookie, he fits into the general scheme of things at Delhi, Do not think.

Q said...

Good to see u writing Raj.

Welcome on bored.

raj said...

Thanks for the welcome guys. That moment was too good to go unblogged.
Nc, you are right. For the knock out matches, you need the big.match players. Jatman missed a trick. I think McG would have won the game for Delhi.
I guess we all came under uncle jrod's spell and over-rated nannes!

raj said...

Q, thanks. Thanks to bcci for the platform

achettup said...

Welcome on Bored Raj. That was pretty funny, I expected McGrath to point a finger in Sehwag's face and laugh at him as they came off the field. No way he'll be back.