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Real IPL Player: A Canine Story

by Som

Centurion (Pretoria): Every underdog has its day. Today was Knight Riders’. Initially I shrunk at the prospect of watching through an entire KKR match, fearing it might leave indelible scars on my psyche. But for once, the Knight Riders fumbled and snapped the spectacular string of defeats they had painstakingly put together.

When Murli Kartik dropped Dhoni, a luxury others can ill-afford, and had to go through the embarrassment of watching the replay in the giant screen twice, I felt easy.

Because, Kartik only let down the ball, surely not me.

Just before IPL II, KKR had lowered the bar and amazingly stuck to that throughout. So when Chennai set a formidable target, sitting at the hospitality area, I thought I know the script.

To give them their due, KKR has virtually covered the entire gamut of defeats, conjuring up every possible way of going down. Hence my lone interest hinged on the nature of the defeat.

So far, they have been lucky losers on occasions when they managed to come near the target. They have been plucky loser too in a couple of matches. Sometimes they threw it with the air of a millionaire tossing coin while passing through a slum. Sometimes they blew it as if a win was a sin and defeat their destiny.

So when Dhoni tossed the ball to Suresh Raina to bowl the final over, there was no reason to believe that Raina can’t do a Joginder Sharma. But for once, Dhoni's midas touch went AWOL.

McCullum had batted like there was no tomorrow, for he knew there was actually no tomorrow. Hodge shone in the hotch-potch and then the unsuspecting Wriddhiman Saha made a statement with the bat that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog that counts.

Warnie, beware of the dog in the manger!


Gaurav Sethi said...

if there was ever a backdoor entry in indian cricket, they should give it to kkr for the semis, quota system for (under)privileged teams. Gonna be a dull last three days without them.

KKR is unstoppable as finally they've stopped thinking - read as JB's stopped barking, and the team's started biting. And their bite is worse...

Som said...

NC, they would now play spoilspot. Rajasthan Royals better beware!

Anonymous said...

Warnie, beware of the dog in the manger!

U in2 animals or what som
hahahaha!! ;)

sraghuna said...

Morphing of the KuKluxRan from the KuKLuxAlsoran ... OBC(Only Buchananed Cricketers)quota required!!!