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NC moment of what match was that

by Gaurav Sethi

Cable TV returns with two overs to go, frankly with a KKR game that’s all you need. Last ball win, what an anti climax. Saha could've done better- left the wide one from Raina alone, taken the game into the super over, and laid those demons to rest once and for all. And for good measure they could have given Mendis the ball.


pRAFs said...

well, it was there for the choke...... but these young upstarts.. i mean how difficult is it to scoop a catch to cover?

Gaurav Sethi said...

no imagination whatsoever

also lost out another 30 mts of playtime, ads, kkr humiliations

pRAFs said...

man, lalit must be running behind saha with an axe now, all the air time, ads... all lost..

Gaurav Sethi said...

exactly my thoughts. how dare he deny modi the super bowl out!!