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Start of a Big Day

by Q

A big day in South Africa today.

The defending champions' run in the IPL could be all over.

Another big game between the two Kings - one Super and the other not. Semi Final spot on the line for Priety's Kings.

The Fake IPL Player getting ready to reveal his identity. Boy would his heart be pumping today. He's going to become a celebrity.

Hope no one shoots him.

Its a huge day and I'm up early to follow it!


Viswanathan said...


Interesting days cricket ahead.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Awake at 2 pm IST (less a coupla hrs for yr time) is hardly early. Think you owe the readers an explanation, re yr nocturnal cricketing activities?

Q said...

Sure is Ott.. The Royals have started with a bang!

Q said...

NC: early for me buddy.. my usual these days is 5:30pm IST.. as for nocturnal activity explanations - sorry too public a place this BCC!.. Can't afford to be leaken on FIP considering his frequent visits here ;-)